A Letter

Last week I got a letter from Harefield Hospital.  Since getting ill, I have collated a whole file of medical letters.  Appointments, reminders for appointments, notes explaining what happened in the appointments, follow ups from points raised in the appointment.  Having three hospitals wanting to see me regularly, I’ve now filled a large lever arch … More A Letter

The Wobbles

I feel like I’ve been on a treadmill for the whole of 2016.  I’ve had to keep continuously plodding along in life, despite having some interesting curve balls thrown in my direction.  Life has not allowed me much time to stop and think, instead I’ve been forced to keep going, to move forward and to … More The Wobbles

The Decision

I sit there on my sofa knowing a decision is being made about me at this very moment.  A room full of people who’ve only briefly met me (if at all) have the power to make the biggest ruling about my life.  To them it will be about facts and results and statistics.  It will … More The Decision

The T Word

Yesterday they mentioned the T word to me for the very first time. The T word- too scary to be called by it’s full name yet.  The T word- a small word but signalling the scariest, biggest operation possible.  The T word- only ten letters long, but the start of the most frightening battle for … More The T Word