Strange Saturations

I first noticed it in February; in the awful week of illness, following my lumbar puncture. Whilst battling sickness and headaches and strange sensations whenever I stood up, I also realised that my oxygen saturations were a little low. My body wasn’t getting enough O2. Since becoming an oxygen user in 2016, the amount of … More Strange Saturations

Bursting My Bubble

I arrived at Harefield in a bright mood.  The sun was shining, I’d spotted ten Red Kites en-route, and had met a friend for lunch beforehand.  Moreover with my recent positive test results suggesting stability, I was confident I wouldn’t need to be reactivated on the transplant list just yet.  But four hours later, I … More Bursting My Bubble

An Unexpected Loop on The Transplant Rollercoaster

I wasn’t expecting it to be an interesting hospital appointment. Just a routine check-up at Harefield. A myriad of tests, chips for lunch, hours of filling time in the waiting room, before a “Hello, keep plodding along” from the team. Same as normal, nothing controversial; so I travelled down alone. When I last chatted to … More An Unexpected Loop on The Transplant Rollercoaster

The Prognosis

When I was first diagnosed with ‘Pulmonary Venous Occlusive Disease’, I asked my consultant how much time I had left.  He screwed his mouth up, scrunched his forehead, and pulled a ‘bad news’ face.  In that one reaction, I knew it would be distressing.  And I also knew I wasn’t ready to hear that.  So … More The Prognosis