Worrying From Afar

I stared at the little dot on my computer screen, willing the minutes to pass by, so I could see it jump forward towards the safety of the emergency hut.  Suddenly the group around him inched ahead… but Phil remained behind.  Why had he stopped?  Had the storm blown him off the summit?  Breath held … More Worrying From Afar

Welcoming In 2018

I don’t know all of the words to ‘Auld Lang Syne’.  Apparently only 3% of the population do.  Every new year, when the clock strikes twelve and the singing of the traditional song begins, I repeat the same lines for every verse… and vow to learn it properly in the next twelve months.  Lalalala-ing to … More Welcoming In 2018

Sensory Overload

I remember the first Christmas Phil spent with my family.  Mere hours after our arrival, he disappeared.  I found him lying on my childhood bed, in silence, eyes staring at the ceiling.  He needed a break from us.  From the noise and over-excitement and frenzied activity.  I recall being puzzled… why couldn’t he cope in … More Sensory Overload

Finding My Christmas Spirit

I adore the countdown to Christmas.  As the first drawer on my advent calendar is opened, life suddenly becomes more magical and exciting.  One whole month surrounded by twinkly lights, sparkly tinsel and memory-laden tree decorations.  Four weeks of planning and shopping and wrapping and giving.  Twenty-four days of indulging on Christmas films, Christmas chocolates, … More Finding My Christmas Spirit

The Chest Infection

I didn’t realise anything was wrong until I tried to lie down to sleep.  Every time I approached horizontal, something squelched in my chest.  I could feel the gunk and goo moving around as I tried desperately to cough it away.  My breathing sounded odd, like something was blocking the windpipe.  That night, I tossed … More The Chest Infection