Hospital Appointments And The Coronavirus

I’m always a little nervous on the drive to hospital check-ups.  My head starts psychologically prepping itself for bad news, and the ‘What if’s…’ start circling my thoughts.  Even when I’m feeling in my best health, and am confident that my heart and lungs are doing well… there’s always a few butterflies as we drive … More Hospital Appointments And The Coronavirus

A Quick Check-Up

Before developing Pulmonary Hypertension, I’d only set foot inside a hospital a few times.  Hospitals were not in my universe at all, not even in the far periphery.  But after waking up seriously ill one morning, they swiftly become a central part of my world.  And five years later, they still are.  The reality of … More A Quick Check-Up

A Month of Illness

I’ve had a great start to 2017.  Throughout January and February, my health has been stable, so I’ve taken advantage of my plateaued condition by filling the calendar.  For me, it’s important to make memories, see people, live life whilst I still can.  A catch up, a night away, a day trip, a dinner party.  Something … More A Month of Illness