A Month of Illness

I’ve had a great start to 2017.  Throughout January and February, my health has been stable, so I’ve taken advantage of my plateaued condition by filling the calendar.  For me, it’s important to make memories, see people, live life whilst I still can.  A catch up, a night away, a day trip, a dinner party.  Something … More A Month of Illness

Treading Water

When I was little I went to swimming lessons every week for many years.  I loved swimming lengths up and down, but my favourite part was when we got to do exciting things like diving for the brick at the bottom of the pool, or playing water polo, or even treading water whilst watching the … More Treading Water

Is my PH getting worse, or is this a normal blip ?

After being so ill when first diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, my biggest fear in the world is being that poorly again.  Unfortunately PH is a progressive disease, so at some point it is inevitable that my PH will worsen.  The hope, therefore, is to spot this change before it damages my heart too much and … More Is my PH getting worse, or is this a normal blip ?