Relying On Wheels

I struggle to walk.  Since developing Pulmonary Hypertension, I can’t get very far on my own two feet.  For thirty-odd years I could walk and run and skip and gallop…. until the day I suddenly couldn’t.  In one sleep, in one twelve hour period, in one night… I lost the ability to plod about.  And although … More Relying On Wheels

An Unexpected Loop on The Transplant Rollercoaster

I wasn’t expecting it to be an interesting hospital appointment. Just a routine check-up at Harefield. A myriad of tests, chips for lunch, hours of filling time in the waiting room, before a “Hello, keep plodding along” from the team. Same as normal, nothing controversial; so I travelled down alone. When I last chatted to … More An Unexpected Loop on The Transplant Rollercoaster

Christmas cake, Stockings and the Flu!

Throughout December, I always skip track number 6 on my Xmas CD.  It’s special.  Reserved for that magical moment when art becomes reality, and we are indeed “Driving home for Christmas”.  We sing-along as we navigate the M40: it signals the start of our celebrations.  But this year I forgot my CD.  We’d packed halfheartedly, … More Christmas cake, Stockings and the Flu!

‘Adjusting My Sails’ to live with Hyper-Sensitive Lungs

My lungs have a hate list.  A long index of things that they dislike.  It’s new.  They used to be quite compatible and easy-going… but in the last few months they’ve started disliking things that they previously didn’t mind.  They’re behaving like toddlers, the terrible twos.  But instead of screaming over their sudden aversion to … More ‘Adjusting My Sails’ to live with Hyper-Sensitive Lungs

Waiting And Guessing And Hoping

I’ve been stable for the past two years. 🙂 I’ve been incredibly lucky, and am incredibly thankful. I’ve crammed in excitement, filled up my photo album and created many many happy memories. Despite the uncertainty when first diagnosed, amazingly I’ve carried on living and loving life with Pulmonary Hypertension and Pulmonary Venous Occlusive Disease. However … More Waiting And Guessing And Hoping

A Less Scary A&E

It’s alarming how quickly health can change.  Despite living with Pulmonary Hypertension for five years now, it still shocks me that my body can dive down so suddenly and unexpectedly.  Wellness the days before, a packed calendar ahead, feeling good… until abruptly I don’t.  It’s happened again!  My body is having a downer. I hate … More A Less Scary A&E