The Longest Meal

I adore eating.  I always have.  There’s not a lot of food that I don’t like, and even less that I won’t try once.  I think about it far too much.  My meals are often planned a day ahead.  I always have to pre-discuss where we’ll grab food if I’m meeting friends around noon.  I … More The Longest Meal

The Other Path

It was the first night of our trip to Center Parcs.  The rest of the Marshall clan hadn’t yet arrived, so my little family of three were exploring.  Whilst Phil was talking to reception, Lottie the dog and myself sat outside watching the world go by.  And that world was full of children… and sport… … More The Other Path


It was the first day of our holiday.  Early afternoon.  My eyes were sleepy from the 5am start, and my body weary from the 424 miles drive north.  As we crossed a humpback bridge, we were suddenly greeted by a picture-postcard scene of Scotland.  A gushing alpine river, lush green mountains, and glorious (and unusual!) Scottish … More Wanderlust

Bursting My Bubble

I arrived at Harefield in a bright mood.  The sun was shining, I’d spotted ten Red Kites en-route, and had met a friend for lunch beforehand.  Moreover with my recent positive test results suggesting stability, I was confident I wouldn’t need to be reactivated on the transplant list just yet.  But four hours later, I … More Bursting My Bubble

Tests, Tests, Tests

I’ve spent far too much time visiting hospitals these past three months.  My recycling bin is full of appointment letters, the veins in my arms are feeling sorry for themselves, and I still keep finding remnants of heart monitor stickers that I miss each time I shower.  I’ve had ten visits in the past ten … More Tests, Tests, Tests