Crossing The Sea

I watched the Royal wedding from a ferry on the high seas.  Excited and engrossed in the TV commentary, I thought little of where I was.  However as the happy couple were eventually pronounced man and wife (incidentally in the exact same spot in Windsor, that Phil proposed to me, many moons ago), I suddenly … More Crossing The Sea

My Faulty Gene

I’m a combination of both of my parents. I inherited my Dad’s short height and dark colouring, and my Mum’s ‘Mackness’ nose and straight hair. My musical ability comes from my Dad, and my athletic build from my Mum. And I inherited from them both -together- the gene to develop Pulmonary Venous Occlusive Disease. 😛 … More My Faulty Gene

Sensory Overload

I remember the first Christmas Phil spent with my family.  Mere hours after our arrival, he disappeared.  I found him lying on my childhood bed, in silence, eyes staring at the ceiling.  He needed a break from us.  From the noise and over-excitement and frenzied activity.  I recall being puzzled… why couldn’t he cope in … More Sensory Overload

Finding My Christmas Spirit

I adore the countdown to Christmas.  As the first drawer on my advent calendar is opened, life suddenly becomes more magical and exciting.  One whole month surrounded by twinkly lights, sparkly tinsel and memory-laden tree decorations.  Four weeks of planning and shopping and wrapping and giving.  Twenty-four days of indulging on Christmas films, Christmas chocolates, … More Finding My Christmas Spirit