A Great British Holiday

For me, Summer isn’t Summer without a ‘Great British Holiday’.  Sandcastles and sandals and sticks of rock.  Postcards and promenades and pots of tea.  Fending off the scavenging seagulls whilst munching on vinegar-soaked chips.  Binge-reading piles of tourist-attraction leaflets whilst licking ice cream.  Watching boats, jumping waves, collecting pebbles.  Paying admissions, taking photos, ambling around … More A Great British Holiday

Watching The Waves

Growing up I loved the beach.  Living in the midlands, visiting it was a once-a-year holiday treat.  As young children life at the beach was all about the sand.  We’d build great castles using our brightly coloured plastic buckets as moulds.  Sea water would be collected for the moat, and shells or grass would be … More Watching The Waves

How Holidays Change

My husband is a last minute packer.  He runs around manically the hour before we leave to go on holiday, scanning each room for what he might need, and inevitably forgetting something. 😉  I used to be the same.  We could handle last minute and spontaneous short breaks; it was our norm.  But since getting … More How Holidays Change