The First Noel

I was awoken on Christmas morning by a symphony of squeals and shouts, and a herd of elephants running up and down the stairs.  It was still dark outside. 🙂  Half-asleep, I stumbled down the hall to find my eldest nephew a-jumping and a-leaping, excitedly screaming “Santa has been!”.  And his younger brother frantically shaking … More The First Noel

Christmas cake, Stockings and the Flu!

Throughout December, I always skip track number 6 on my Xmas CD.  It’s special.  Reserved for that magical moment when art becomes reality, and we are indeed “Driving home for Christmas”.  We sing-along as we navigate the M40: it signals the start of our celebrations.  But this year I forgot my CD.  We’d packed halfheartedly, … More Christmas cake, Stockings and the Flu!

Sensory Overload

I remember the first Christmas Phil spent with my family.  Mere hours after our arrival, he disappeared.  I found him lying on my childhood bed, in silence, eyes staring at the ceiling.  He needed a break from us.  From the noise and over-excitement and frenzied activity.  I recall being puzzled… why couldn’t he cope in … More Sensory Overload

Finding My Christmas Spirit

I adore the countdown to Christmas.  As the first drawer on my advent calendar is opened, life suddenly becomes more magical and exciting.  One whole month surrounded by twinkly lights, sparkly tinsel and memory-laden tree decorations.  Four weeks of planning and shopping and wrapping and giving.  Twenty-four days of indulging on Christmas films, Christmas chocolates, … More Finding My Christmas Spirit

Christmas With PH

`I love Christmas.  It is magical.  For one week of the year, the world becomes brighter, sparklier, shinier, louder.  It is a chance to take a break from normal life, to get excited like a child, and be surrounded by love.  But it is also exhausting!  Thus, the way I celebrate has had to change … More Christmas With PH