The Other Path

It was the first night of our trip to Center Parcs.  The rest of the Marshall clan hadn’t yet arrived, so my little family of three were exploring.  Whilst Phil was talking to reception, Lottie the dog and myself sat outside watching the world go by.  And that world was full of children… and sport… … More The Other Path

My Best PH Holiday

It was one of those precious times where the whole world is rosy and the face can’t stop grinning.  One of those rare occasions where the specialness of a moment is realised at the very time it is occurring.  I was bobbing at sea, aboard an inflatable dingy, laughing as Phil attempted to row us … More My Best PH Holiday

Crossing The Sea

I watched the Royal wedding from a ferry on the high seas.  Excited and engrossed in the TV commentary, I thought little of where I was.  However as the happy couple were eventually pronounced man and wife (incidentally in the exact same spot in Windsor, that Phil proposed to me, many moons ago), I suddenly … More Crossing The Sea

Finding My Christmas Spirit

I adore the countdown to Christmas.  As the first drawer on my advent calendar is opened, life suddenly becomes more magical and exciting.  One whole month surrounded by twinkly lights, sparkly tinsel and memory-laden tree decorations.  Four weeks of planning and shopping and wrapping and giving.  Twenty-four days of indulging on Christmas films, Christmas chocolates, … More Finding My Christmas Spirit

The Ill Aunty

I was four months in to a year long volunteer placement in Ethiopia, when my sister announced she was pregnant with her first child.  My gut instinct was to rush home, but after some agonising, we decided to stay in Africa, as planned.  Through photos sent over the slow sketchy internet, I watched her stomach … More The Ill Aunty

Changing Holiday Plans

Like everyone, I love holidays.  However, life is never simple, especially with an illness, and our intended vacations this year haven’t really gone to plan!  So far we’ve planned four week-long trips away.. and have had to cancel all four at the last minute.  2016 has been a crazy year, with more than my fair … More Changing Holiday Plans