The Longest Walk

It was the final day of the hardest week of my life. And I was exhausted. My heart was a-twitching, my lungs a-panting, and I felt sick. After seven days of pushing myself to the extreme, my body was screaming for rest. But I barely noticed. 🙂 Instead, I had the biggest smile on my … More The Longest Walk

Worrying From Afar

I stared at the little dot on my computer screen, willing the minutes to pass by, so I could see it jump forward towards the safety of the emergency hut.  Suddenly the group around him inched ahead… but Phil remained behind.  Why had he stopped?  Had the storm blown him off the summit?  Breath held … More Worrying From Afar

The Radio Interview

Five years ago, I never would have considered sharing so much of my life.  My Facebook posts were infrequent one-liners.  My travelling blogs were only shared with our closest.  I wondered why people overshared or posted so many photos or disclosed all the tiny daily details.  Ultimately a private (and slightly insecure 🙂 ) person, … More The Radio Interview

Writing It Down

I’ve never managed to keep a diary.  I’ve owned many, started many, hidden many around my room.  As a youngster, I’d begin each new year with a fresh diary and great intentions to complete it.  The first few entries would be in my neatest handwriting with a sharpened pencil.  But after a few days, the pencil … More Writing It Down

A Concert for the PHA

I’m a big fan of Gareth Malone.  If you’re not familiar with the name, then he’s the young TV choir master that converts the roughest of voices in to a beautiful song.  Over the last ten years, we’ve watched him train hundreds of awful singers, and be responsible for the Military Wives phenomena and the … More A Concert for the PHA