Counting Down The Days

For the past five months, an app on my mobile has been counting down the days until Phil’s birthday. Each morning, before I check Whatsapp and skim the BBC news, I quickly glance the number. And although I’d like to claim it’s because I’m a wonderful wife, preparing an elaborate celebration (I’m not; I might manage a cake! 😉 )… it’s actually because back in the dark days of early lockdown, we predicted that by August 2nd, the virus would be beaten, and normality returned. 🙂

At the start of March, when the coronavirus was surreptitiously sweeping through our country, and the future seemed scary and uncertain; I read an early article that claimed the peak of the virus would hit England in June, before fading away quickly. At the time, my head was full of chirping birds, and my anxiety was mounting daily… so I was desperate for reassurance and hope. I needed that light at the end of the tunnel. That faith that it would all soon end. Consequently I grabbed the prediction that it would be over by Phil’s birthday… and clung to it. I could get through the hard days if I knew they were getting me one step closer to the end date. I could get through the moments of panic, if I knew normality was nearing.

So for the past five months, my countdown clock has served that function. Although the days were sometimes strange and long and worrying… I could see they were passing. It boosted me, encouraged me, gave me belief that we’d get through it. 142 days… 93 days… 67 days… 8 days. And even though I’ve known for months that that early prediction was way wrong, and life will never be the same until a vaccine is found… I’ve still kept counting down. Instead, just hoping for better by then. A safer, calmer, more normal life.

Now, after five months of countdown, tomorrow is Phil’s birthday. The date which has given me such hope and strength and comfort, is only one day away! 🙂 And although the coronavirus isn’t all over… it is better. And about to get even greater! ‘Cause today ‘Shielding’ is paused. 🙂 After 143 days of staying in to stay safe… I can pull down my drawbridge and rejoin the world. My life is about to become more normal.

…So amazingly, that long ago prediction was kinda right. 😉

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