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  1. Wisdom as always Sarah. We will get through this.

    Something that came my way was useful too:

    “Many people need to make time for themselves, away from the crowd, to sort things out alone.
    Solitude is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. it gives you a chance to examine yourself and
    make plans for self-renewal. it can be a time for artistic creation, self-reflection, resolution, or inner
    peace. Use your solitude to your advantage and it will help renew you. Relax into it, enjoy it. Do nothing.
    Let worries wash over you, everything can wait, nothing is urgent. Sleep more, catch up on lost sleep. Take catnaps, why not? Read all those books you have been saving for retirement or a holiday. Make it all about you (and those you care about). People pay a fortune to get away from it all and return to basics, we are given the opportunity to do so for free. It won’t last, so make the most of it”.

    Sindy x


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