Solving The Puzzle

It took eight years for me to get a diagnosis.  Eight years of wondering and worrying, speculating and self-diagnosing.  From my early twenties, to my dramatic collapse at 32, I knew there was something medically wrong.  I had started to walk slower, swim slower, run slower than my peers.  Despite moving at half their speed, … More Solving The Puzzle

An Auto-Immune Problem

June has been a mad month.  I’ve been frantically trying to juggle the balls of life.  With the slightest hint of summer rays and improved health, I’ve been filling my diary with activities and making memories.  However the lovely NHS has also been filling my diary with weekly hospital visits and doctors appointments.  For the … More An Auto-Immune Problem

A Second Diagnosis

This week marked the third anniversary of my initial dramatic collapse, which turned out to be Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH).  In a strange coincidence, this week will now also be the date when I found out the name of a second lung condition I am also suffering from.  At least it makes anniversaries easy to … More A Second Diagnosis