100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

Soaring red kites circling the house. Screeching. “Hello beautiful”. Counting parachutists as they emerge from the clouds. Confidently recognizing which seedlings in the garden are weeds. Striking up conversation with every dog walker. And stroking every dog. Watching first hand the farming circle of life: from newborns to on our plate. Feeling like you’re in … More 100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

Third Time Lucky

It was a trip three years in the waiting. We booked the family holiday back in 2019. When Covid hadn’t yet started its deadly rampage, when ‘social distancing’ was unheard of, and when you could cough in public without causing alarm. With homes miles apart, my Mum and siblings and I were looking forward to … More Third Time Lucky

I Caught Covid

It was a typical Sunday morning. The radio was playing love songs, Kepler was chewing his toy squirrel, and the Covid tests were brewing on the side. As I served up the runny egg soldiers, I glanced across at them. Over the past eighteen months, we’ve stuck many swabs down our throat and up our … More I Caught Covid

Happy Anniversary Lungs!

Nine years ago -this week- I collapsed whilst getting ready for work. Overnight my life changed. Completely and totally. Previously a busy and active primary school teacher, now I struggled to breathe and move and live. And no one knew why. For six difficult and exhausting months, I battled to subsist with my unfamiliar disabilities … More Happy Anniversary Lungs!

The Head Gardener

My house reeks of vinegar.  Despite opening all of the windows, my clothes have a sharp aroma, my eyes gently sting and I fear I’m slowly pickling the dog.  No, I’ve not developed an unhealthy obsession with chip shop eggs… it’s chutney making season again. In my life before Pulmonary Hypertension, there was no chutney … More The Head Gardener

My Best PH Holiday

It was one of those precious times where the whole world is rosy and the face can’t stop grinning.  One of those rare occasions where the specialness of a moment is realised at the very time it is occurring.  I was bobbing at sea, aboard an inflatable dingy, laughing as Phil attempted to row us … More My Best PH Holiday

Solar Powered Sarah

We have some solar powered fairy lights draped around the greenhouse in our garden.  Throughout the winter months, they glimmer quietly and faintly, for just a wee hour, before shutting down and going back to sleep.  However, come summer and sunshine, they are transformed.  Beaming brightly all night long, they sparkle and shine, illuminating their … More Solar Powered Sarah