Finding Our Feet

Today marks one hundred days since we moved into our new home in the hills. And not one has gone by, when I haven’t said aloud “I love it here” with an enormous grin on my face. 🙂 Growing up in Leicestershire, the Peak District was my nearest national park. I remember occasional DofE walks … More Finding Our Feet

The First Deadline

Two months before we moved, I ordered carpets for our new house. Panicked after discovering that my favoured joiner had a nine month waiting list for his services; I advanced booked in the trades I would need in those first few weeks. Electrician, plumber, carpets. Planning from afar, for a house I’d only seen once, … More The First Deadline

The Project House

There’s a winding country road that approaches our lovely new town from the south. It snakes upwards for a mile or so, from the next nearest village. Stone walls line the lane, there are glimpses of a quarry in the distance, and craggy edges and green hilltops surround on all sides. It’s beautiful. Classic dark … More The Project House

100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

Soaring red kites circling the house. Screeching. “Hello beautiful”. Counting parachutists as they emerge from the clouds. Confidently recognizing which seedlings in the garden are weeds. Striking up conversation with every dog walker. And stroking every dog. Watching first hand the farming circle of life: from newborns to on our plate. Feeling like you’re in … More 100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

The Best Laid Plans

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” (Robert Burns) They say moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life. 🙂 Phil and I have been talking about relocating to the hills for years. Every holiday to the mountains, we imagine ourselves living there. High on the scenery … More The Best Laid Plans

One Last Time

On Thursday evening, we sat under the stars, in the beautiful Blenheim Palace courtyard, and sang along to David Gray. The atmosphere was joyful and happy, and the nostalgia and love in full force. As we drove out the gates -for one last time- we turned back to that special spot, and waved goodbye. Over … More One Last Time

The House Search

For years, Phil and I have talked about moving to the hills. Whenever we sit down with a glass of (non-alcoholic) red wine, and daydream about our future, it involves mountain views and wild footpaths and open landscapes that stretch for miles. We holiday in the hills, we always choose the scenic route through the … More The House Search