The First Snow

For the past eight years, I’ve been slightly fearful of snow. Whereas once it represented adventure and excitement and fun, since developing Pulmonary Hypertension, it makes me feel trapped and isolated and in danger. The cold air further restricts my airways and lungs, making me breathless after just a step or two. My rural village … More The First Snow

A New Puppy

Phil and I have been dreaming of getting a second furry family member for years. Lottie the wonder dog had transformed our lives, and so the thought of double the love and the fun and the snuggles was hard to resist. But the logistics of hospital appointments and visiting folks and holidays with two seemed … More A New Puppy

My Furry Baby

When I was a child I was desperate for a dog. Instead of pop singers and movie stars, I had posters of puppies adorning my bedroom walls.  I’d lie on my bed and learn the names of the different varieties, and dream of which one I’d own in the future.  I loved visiting my relatives … More My Furry Baby