I’ve never enjoyed Winter. The long dark nights, days without sunshine, frozen fingers. Weeks of rain, rows of barren trees, and squelchy, dirty mud everywhere. When I developed Pulmonary Hypertension, my dislike of it intensified. The cold stole my breath and left me gasping whenever I left the house. Even donning thermals, with the heating … More Wintering

Twenty Years Later

I met my husband at York university. Phil was a Mathematics undergraduate; I was studying Psychology. He loved real ale in ye olde pubs; my nights out involved Taboo & lemonade, and dancing to ‘Steps’ in York’s clubs. He was quiet and shy; whilst I would always spot friends to chat to as I walked … More Twenty Years Later

100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

Soaring red kites circling the house. Screeching. “Hello beautiful”. Counting parachutists as they emerge from the clouds. Confidently recognizing which seedlings in the garden are weeds. Striking up conversation with every dog walker. And stroking every dog. Watching first hand the farming circle of life: from newborns to on our plate. Feeling like you’re in … More 100 Things I’ve Loved About Charlton

One Last Time

On Thursday evening, we sat under the stars, in the beautiful Blenheim Palace courtyard, and sang along to David Gray. The atmosphere was joyful and happy, and the nostalgia and love in full force. As we drove out the gates -for one last time- we turned back to that special spot, and waved goodbye. Over … More One Last Time

Happy Anniversary Lungs!

Nine years ago -this week- I collapsed whilst getting ready for work. Overnight my life changed. Completely and totally. Previously a busy and active primary school teacher, now I struggled to breathe and move and live. And no one knew why. For six difficult and exhausting months, I battled to subsist with my unfamiliar disabilities … More Happy Anniversary Lungs!

The Wait

Phil’s brother rang me on Wednesday. He had just tested positive for Covid. At the mere mention of the virus, my stomach dropped. Worry. He’s the first close person I know to have caught it. The news headlines have reached us. But then my head started whirring, and my heart started thumping. I thought back. … More The Wait

A Perfect Storm

For the past seven weeks, I’ve been living in a storm. A lone tree flailing around during a dark monsoon. As Autumn has pummeled the world outside my window, with its battering winds and drowning rain and overcast skies… my own inner gale has mirrored it exactly and pummeled me. At times it has been … More A Perfect Storm

Reaching 40

Last week I had a birthday. A big one! I am now the grand old age of forty! 😛 And although I can no longer describe myself as a ‘young’ lady, and will now have to tick the middle age box on official forms… I am beyond elated to be entering my fifth decade. It’s … More Reaching 40

Look For The Helpers

Back in March, when the coronavirus was claiming its first lives in our country, when supermarket shelves lay empty as folks greedily stockpiled, when sanitizer and masks were hoarded by those not on the front line; I worried for our country. Worried we were losing our humanity, our kindness, our compassion. There was a time … More Look For The Helpers